Just as members of the Dominican Lay Fraternities live secular lives inspired by the example of St. Dominic and the Dominican saints, so do members of the Priestly Fraternities of St. Dominic.

A diocesan priest who wishes to serve his diocese and his local bishop, but who still experiences a draw to the Dominican Order is a perfect candidate for joining a Priestly Fraternity. Members of a Priestly Fraternity make profession according to a unique Rule. In living that Rule as diocesan priests, in collaboration with Dominican Friars, they strive to be more perfect evangelists. With profession as a member of the priestly fraternity, members of a fraternity are asked to share in the preaching mission of the Order, are given spiritual aid from the Dominican nuns, and are directed for their own sanctification.

General Information: http://www.op.org/en/content/dominican-priestly-fraternities

Rule: http://www.op.org/sites/www.op.org/files/public/regula_en.pdf

Promoters for the Priestly Fraternity

St. Albert the Great:
Fr. Thomas McDermott, O.P.
E-mail Address: tmcdermott@svfparish.org

Fr. James Dominic Rooney, O.P.
E-mail Address: stmichael71@gmail.com

St. Martin de Porres:
Fr. David Keong Seid, O.P.
E-mail Address: domingwui.xxi@gmail.com
Phone Number: 510-326-3815

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