In the Lay Fraternities of St. Dominic, men and women, both single and married, live lives inspired by St. Dominic and the Dominican saints as lay people in the midst of the secular world. These “Lay Dominicans” devote their lives to prayer, study and preaching the gospel. Each Lay Dominican promises to follow The Rule of the Lay Chapters of St. Dominic, as well as the particular guidelines of the Province in which their chapter subsists.

Each Lay Chapter emphasizes different things with their ministries, but they all are connected to a province of friars and prayed for by the nuns, and so relate to the mission of St. Dominic in a special way. Most of the 25 states served by our two provinces have at least one Lay Dominican Chapter, and some have as many as five or six. If you would like to know more about the Lay Dominicans in our provincial territories, see these links below:

St. Albert the Great Lay Dominican Chapters:

St. Martin de Porres Lay Fraternity Web Site:

Rule of Lay Fraternities:

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