After the application process and the admissions board, the novitiate is the next major milestone.

If you were accepted for the novitiate, you would report to the pre-novitiate, at the direction of the Vocations Promoter, at the end of July. During this pre-novitiate period, you would better get to know the other candidates and be oriented to what the novitiate year holds in store. At the conclusion of the pre-novitiate, you and your classmates would be brought to the site of their novitiate, given over to the care of your Novice Master and dressed in the habit of St. Dominic.

Your novitiate year would be comprised heavily of the prayer and community aspects of Dominican life, and is meant to lay a foundation that will hold for the rest of your life; you and your classmates would attend daily mass and pray the Liturgy of the Hours as members of the Dominican community, have regular meetings with the Novice Master to discuss your individual discernment, attend classes to deepen your understanding of the Dominican vocation, share in communal meals and celebrations over the course of the year, and much, much more. During this year, you would continue to discern a call to Dominican life with the help of your classmates, your Novice Master and the Dominican Community.

Near the end of the year, the Community votes on whether you and your classmates will profess vows. If approved, you would profess a vow of obedience at the end of novitiate to extend for a period of two years.

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