If you want to be serious about Dominican discernment, attending one of the Come & See Weekends is a must. It’s a significant milestone.

Twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring, Catholic men discerning Dominican Life come to St. Dominic Priory in St. Louis for a weekend with the Dominican brothers. The weekend begins on Friday evening and ends with lunch on Sunday.

If you come to a weekend, you will have plenty of time for private prayer, including adoration, and also for common prayer with the Dominicans. The common prayer in particular is always cited as a highlight; singing the Psalms in a chapel full of prayerful men has opened the eyes of many to the beauty of Dominican life. You’ll also attend conferences that will help clarify what makes the Order unique, as well as question and answer sessions which will allow you to ask for further clarification. Between these scheduled events, time is set aside for more informal interaction with the brothers and other discerners: meals, community recreation and small groups. This informal interaction is always popular with the men who attend Come & See weekends, and it’s frequently cited as another highlight by men who attend; ordinary human interaction that gives a sense for living in Dominican community; joyful laughter is a fixture of these interactions.

Finally, you’ll have a chance to meet with the Provincial Vocation Promoter, the most important Dominican in your discernment. This man is your guide to Dominican discernment. You’ll hear from promoters from both provinces during the weekend, as they tell you about how to further discern Dominican life. If you come away from the weekend interested in being a Dominican, you will want to keep in touch.

Promoters for Vocations

St. Albert the Great (Central): 
Fr. Jude McPeak, O.P. 
E-mail Address: vocations@opcentral.org

St. Martin de Porres (Southern): 
Fr. Francis Orozco, O.P. 
E-mail Address: vocations@opsouth.org 

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