If you’ve attended a Come & See Weekend, and find yourself attracted to Dominican Life, you will want to keep in touch with the Vocations Promoter.

If in your discernment, you come to earnestly believe that God is calling you to Dominican life and would like to apply to join, the Vocation Promoter is the one to ask for this application. The Promoter will give you good feedback. He may give you directions on how to further discern your call; if he does, listen to him because he is there to help you to be the best candidate you can be. If the Promoter discerns that you are a good fit as a candidate, he will offer you an application.

This application includes a background check, financial report, psychological, medical, and dental evaluations, multiple letters of recommendation, and a written autobiography. And yes: it does take a while to complete. If you receive an application and complete it, you will be ready to come before an Admissions Board, another major milestone.

There can be up to three Admissions Boards held in a given year: the Vocations Promoter will give you further information as to specifics. At the time of this board, the you would interview with several different Dominican friars, all of whom will have access to your application. The process could be taxing for you; investigating a man’s fittingness to devote his life to the Gospel as a Dominican is not an easy job for the discerner. At the conclusion, the board would deliberate with the Prior Provincial (the superior of the Province) to decide whether to accept you. If you were to be accepted, then you would be ready to prepare for the novitiate.

Promoters for Vocations

St. Albert the Great (Central):Fr. Jude McPeak, O.P. 
E-mail Address: vocations@opcentral.org

St. Martin de Porres (Southern): Fr. Francis Orozco, O.P. 
E-mail Address: vocations@opsouth.org 

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