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Ordination Details

The Ordination Mass will take place on Saturday, May 18th at 10 AM at St. Pius V. Catholic Church. Click the map on your left for directions.

Concelebrating Priests: We will provide vestments for the Ordination Mass (Stole & Chasuble). Plan on bringing your own Alb. Vesting will take place in the basement of the rectory (the building to the right of the Church). Please be sure to arrive early.

General Schedule for the Weekend*

*Scroll down to each friar’s section to see events specific to each of the ordinands.

Friday, May 17
5 PM – Vespers at St. Dominic Priory
After Vespers – Dinner out. We recommend you check out this website.

Saturday, May 18
8 AM – Lauds at St. Dominic Priory
10 AM – Ordination Mass at St. Pius V Catholic Church
Immediately following – Reception at St. Dominic Priory for all guests

Sunday, May 19
8 AM – Lauds at St. Dominic Priory
First Masses: See below.

Reception (Immediately following Mass)

A reception will take place immediately following the Mass at St. Dominic Priory. Click the map on your right for directions.

For information specific to one of the friars being ordained, see below:

I am one of Fr. Brent’s guests

I am one of Fr. Brian’s guests

I am one of Deacon Christopher’s guests.


Fr. Brent’s Guests

Taken January 2019 in Panama City, Panama at the ruins of the Convento de Santo Domingo.

Events for Fr. Brent’s Guests

Saturday, May 18

7:30 PM – Bonfire and Tacos for Out-of-town guests at St. Dominic Priory

Sunday, May 19
10 AM – Fr. Brent’s first Mass at St. Pius V Church

Dear friends,
I am thrilled that you are joining me for my ordination to the priesthood. This is a special day that my family and I have been looking forward to for many years. Up above you will see the schedule for the weekend. To the left, you will see events specifically for my guests. Please feel free to join us for any of the liturgies at St. Dominic Priory (Lauds or Vespers).

Out of town guests: Please join us for a bonfire, tacos, good music, and good conversation on May 18th at 7:30 PM. Please RSVP using the link at the top of this page.

Gifts: Check out my Amazon Wish List.

In lieu of cash gifts, please consider making a donation to the Dominicans’ 1216 Campaign. This fund pays for the formation of future Dominican Priests and Brothers. It also supports our elderly friars who are living out the final years after a life of selfless service to the Church.


Taken May 2019 at my Ordination to the Diaconate.

Fr. Brian’s Guests

Dear Family and Friends,

I look forward to having you with us to celebrate our ordinations to priestly and diaconal ministry in the Church! You have been waiting a while for this and you’ve made this day possible by your support. Thank you! Please join us for whatever you can attend during the weekend, especially my first Mass the next day (May 19): 10:30am @ Little Flower 

Out-of-town guests: As Brent said, please join us for dinner at the Priory, but make sure to RSVP above!

Gifts: In lieu of personal gifts of any kind, please consider making a donation to our Student community to offset the costs of the ordinations weekend. You can make checks out to the “Dominican Studentate” and include them with a card, if you wish.


Deacon Christopher’s Guests

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