First of, we’re going to tell you something that a lot of people don’t know: ‘sisters’ and ‘nuns’ are not the same thing. We’re not talking about ‘sisters’. We’re talking about good, old-fashioned, cloistered Dominican nuns. I can already hear you ask, “What’s the difference?” Good question. For our purposes, Dominican nuns are cloistered women religious who dedicate their lives to prayer and live their lives in a monastery.

In the Dominican Order, nuns hold a special place. See, St. Dominic actually founded the nuns before he founded the friars. That’s right; in 1216, when the Dominican Friars were officially established, the first community of nuns had already existed for two years. They were founded with the express intent of praying for the success of the Dominican Preaching. And their mission is, if anything, more important than it has ever been.

We friars often marvel among ourselves at the evident joy of the Dominican nuns, as well as the peace which comes with a visit to a monastery; for us, a visit to a Monastery of Dominican nuns is as spiritually refreshing as a drink of cool water. And whenever we have an especially difficult preaching topic we don’t hesitate to use our, ‘secret weapon,’ and ask the nuns, who pray for us every day, to send extra and specific prayers.

We all live in a world and a time where the Dominican charism – preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ – is essential. And there has never been successful Dominican preaching without Dominican nuns praying for that preaching to be successful.

The Dominican Order needs women who will aid the preaching mission by a consecrated life of prayer. To learn more, click one of the links below, see our Monasteries in Our Provinces link, or contact a Vocation Directress at an email address below.

Monastery of the Infant Jesus (Lufkin, TX)
Sister Mary Rose, O.P.
E-mail Contact:

Monastery of St. Jude (Marbury, AL)
Vocation Directress
E-mail Address:

Monastery of Mary the Queen (Springfield, IL)
Sr. Mary Emmanuella O.P.
E-mail Address:
Phone Number: 856-278-6939

Monastery of the Blessed Sacrament (Farmington Hills, MI)
Sr. Mary Thomas, O.P.
E-mail Address:
Phone Number: (248) 626.8321

Monastery of Mount Thabor (Ortonville, MI)
Sr. Mary Joseph of the Holy Family, O.P.
E-mail Address:
Phone Number: 248-627-4355

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