Courage. You need courage to discern God’s will. Pray for courage, and for swift action when the moment to act arrives. The art of discernment is acting at the proper time. Too many men miss the boat when it comes. Too many worry that it’ll lead them down the wrong way. But if you burn for love of God, and if you pray to Him in awe, you will not get lost. He will not lead you astray.

A clerical brother, or friar, is one who, while seeking Dominican life, finds the clerical and priestly life the fulfillment of his Preaching. You do not desire to be a Dominican friar who only happens to be a priest; nor do you desire to be a priest who only happens to be a friar. You desire, as a Dominican friar, to Preach the Word of Truth, and this Preaching itself is fulfilled in the priestly ministry to which you are called. This means, you desire to celebrate the Sacraments of the Church, and to participate in a special and essential way in the sacramental life of Catholics worldwide. For, to be a priest is to be a shepherd and guardian of God’s people.

So: Courage, swift action, contemplative (or awe-, silence-filled) prayer. Also: Daily Mass, regular/weekly confession, and frequent spiritual direction. These good practices will lead you to the self-knowledge you seek. We friars pray for you that, wherever God calls you, you will have the promptness to act.

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