First you fall in love with Truth with a capital “T.” You burn for wisdom, you seek for understanding, in an Age of Relativism, Rejection. You see, and now fervently believe, that Jesus Christ, Word of God, spoke Truth, speaks Truth, is Truth. He is, in very fact, the truest, fullest, completest Human Being, just as He is fully God. Indeed, to be like Him, to live like Him—which is to say, to follow Him—is, you realize, the only road to freedom, your freedom. For freedom is, simply, this deep, and ever deepening, friendship with Him.

Like a child, too, you want to cling to His Mother. You turn to Her for Her protection, for Her wisdom, for Her consolation. You meditate on the sweet Mysteries of Her Son’s Life; you mediate, with her, on the sweet Mysteries of Her Son’s Life; and these deep Mysteries leave you utterly in silence. Not “silent,” but “in silence. The silence of love, of awe. In that silence you feel very small, and you see that God is rather Very Big, and yet you recognize that your love for Truth, (which burns your soul into full flame, full life,) is the same as this love for silence. That this awe, this silence, is the beginning of what it means to contemplate, or to be a contemplative. For to contemplate is to fall in silence before your God. And so you find yourself on your knees before Him, His Eucharist.

You desire to serve Jesus Christ’s beautiful Bride, the Church; to live close to Her; to protect Her; to preach the Gospel and the Catholic faith that Jesus Christ entrusted to Her, and always as Her dutiful son—all these desires become unquestionably clear to you.

You have met a Dominican, a Preaching friar. You have read about one, learned from one, befriended one, heard one speak. Clarity like water you drank into your soul. You, too, desire to live such clarity as that. You desire to speak, with candor, about God, for God, to God. You see that speaking about God with such clarity is what Preaching is. You find in yourself a pull, a yearning to be His Preacher. One of Dominic’s sons.

To be His Preacher, you then see, is to be a friar. And a friar among friars. For friars live as brothers together. One in prayer, one in life, one in Preaching. These friars, together, live out Holy Poverty and Chastity through Holy Obedience. They live, under Love’s vow, in Obedience. This Obedience, which is an Obedience to the Truth, leads to perfect Freedom. It is not always an easy road; there are many pitfalls along its way. And yet, because another Name for God is Mercy, it is a road full of renewed innocence, courage, and joy.

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