theology on deck

It's a mad, mad world.  At least that is what I can't stop thinking about with all of the trades and signings that have both surprised and intrigued me. The Lord is soon to come at Christmas and I am preparing for that and baseball is helping me prepare.

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Dec. 16

The day before and the day of the 1997 MLB trading deadline my family was driving out to Colorado for a vacation.

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Jul. 31

Late have I loved you, O Beauty ever ancient, ever new, late have I loved you! You were within me, but I was outside, and it was there that I searched for you. In my unloveliness I plunged into the lovely things which you created. You were with me, but I was not with you. Created things kept me...

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Jul. 11

Though there is no new webcast this week, a running theme thus far in our show has been the records set by Jamie Moyer. Well, add another record to that list as the 49-year-old southpaw set the record for the oldest player in MLB history to record an RBI. 

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May. 17

Baseball, like God, is full of wonderful surprises. 16 and 19. Those are the number of four home run games and perfect games ever in Major League Baseball.

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May. 11